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Please elaborate on spoken English course services that you offer.

Our unique model is designed to offer spoken English classes over the phone with a dedicated personal trainer. They provide training to each learner as each per their level. Our trainers are extremely competent and trained in this aspect.

We know that if someone needs to enhance spoken English skill, he/she has to join an institute for a 6 months course, at least. How different is your service?

A conventional spoken English class comprises of at least 15 to 20 learners, sometimes even more. After a few classes, it is being observed that many do not feel confident speaking in front of the class. Each day they reach the classroom with a determination to speak in front of the class but they continue to shy. Their dream remains unfulfilled.

Is learning over phone really effective?

Phone learning offers a free, frank, and open conversation channel between trainer and learner with extremely friendly course topics. Ours is a proven model, where we have noticed all of our learners improving considerably in their communication.

What are the advantages of your courses over the equivalent courses already available in the market?

Below are key highlights of the courses that we offer,

1. This is not a typical classroom driven spoken English class, the learner learns sitting at their place on the phone.
2. The discussion topics are from your own life, family, career even day to day activity that you do. the learner will feel as if they are talking to his / her friend.
3. Each learner gets ample opportunity to speak without fearing mistakes they do. Our trainers will listen to you, shall correct at that moment.

I am not a good learner of English in my studies, can I really speak good English?

Why can’t you? Please be assured that there is no relation between your English score in academics and spoken English skill.

Practice makes a man perfect, this proverb tells us the importance of continuous practice for a certain period of time. We recommend you enroll for the longer format of our course.

What is the duration of each English speaking lesson?

Typically our class duration will be for 20 minutes each day, 5 days a week. Kindly visit our website for details.

Can I attend to a demo class?

Yes, We are offering a demo class for those who seek admission.

How can I enroll to the course?

Please send us your interest in sharing your details via “contact us” or by calling our phone provided on our website. Rest our executive will help in the registration and enrollment process.

What should be learner's preparation for the class?

We expect our learners to ensure that they are available on a good network zone, and their mobile is fully charged. Please be assured that the same holds for our trainers as well.

Do I have to worry about calling my trainer?

Our learner shall not call trainers, it will be our trainers who will call learners using our digital platform. All incoming call costs are borne by us.Your classes will begin from the next day.

What are the next steps post-enrollment to the course?

Below are the steps post enrollments till the start of your on-call spoken English class,
1. As soon as your enrollment is over, our executive reaches you immediately to choose the timing of your call as per your convenience (with a condition that time slot is free). Our classes begin at 8:00 a.m. and go on till 8 p.m.
2. The time slot that is discussed and agreed, remains fixed for the month.
3. Once your enrollment and time slot selection is completed, your class may start the next day.

Am I allowed to change class timings?

Ideally we prefer our learners to follow the same time slot, that is agreed and booked at the beginning. The option of changing the time slot is still possible, provided it is communicated at least one month in advance. The learner has to email to our executive.

Shall I get a certificate on successful completion of course?

Yes, we reward certificates to all those learners who enroll and complete the longer format of our courses (Expresser, Communicator) successfully.